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~Tori Drinkard - Dexter 2013

“My sister went there and I really liked the way hers turned out. David makes you look your absolute best and is really creative in involving you in the scenery. I loved how many options I got to work with and my final prints really capture who I am.”

~Emily Miller - Pioneer 2013

“David made me laugh. His natural settings and unique backgrounds look great. My session was outstanding. He made me feel beautiful. I am very quiet and he made me feel comfortable.My final prints captured my personality and offered varied backgrounds without having to leave his property. I loved my time with David and I wouldn’t change a thing!”

~Patrick Walker - Skyline 2013

“In his brochure, all the personalities of the subjects were captured and they were true to the subject. Everyone looked great. My session was more enjoyable than I thought it would be.”

Alex Wilks - Skyline 2013

“David’s images are really natural and not fake or phony. My session was laid back and David is cool and easy to work with. He had me cracking up with his jokes. David has a way of making you feel laid back He did a great job.”