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Super Saver!

You love our work! Thank you!

But you are scared, you may have heard horror stories about the possible cost of Senior Portraits being very high. Not just from our studio but from any studio. You have heard of someone spending XXXX dollars and regardless of what they got, you know that that price is not anything you have available and would not spend it on photos, even if you did have it.

That's ok! I understand. I will tell you that I have had some clients spend higher amounts and they did it because they placed a value on my work that made it easy for them to do so. In those instances, they also got a lot of products- Custom albums, Framed wall prints, graduation announcements and many enlargements.

But that may not be your story and so I have three packages below to address that issue: BY PAYING IN FULL IN ADVANCE, you can book the prime session times and relax over the summer to prepare or get it done early and be off on your adventures. The RULES are strict, The REWARD is great value! 

These three packages have restrictions: 1.) No driving. We will only shoot from my location.(Good news! That includes a dock, lake water and woods. 2.)Evening only for the best light. 3.) Time limited. 4.) Number of images to preview is strict.

Dave's Place:      

•$139 Session +$275 Prints/6 files/5-6 outfits/44 images to view/2.5 hour session time $414 plus tax due up front to book.

•$89   Session +$175 Prints/3 files/4 outfits/24 images to view/1 hour 45 min. time limit./$264 plus tax due up front to book.

•$49   Session +$150 Prints/2 files/2 outfits/12 images to view/1 hour time limit./$199 plus tax due up front to book. 


Even if for some reason this does not work for you, Our other pricing and sessions are a great value. There are no Minimums and most spend anywhere from $300- $800 and get exactly what they need. There are trade-offs (as with anything), but you CAN get Lots of great deals at my studio. Call today to book a session. 734-358-9995 This sale may end at any time. You can buy as many as you want. You can buy them for use at other times of the year. (Braces off, new letter jacket, new award, Cap and Gown.